Kayvan's Spring Thing 2022 Brief Impressions

I understand as participants it’s best to refrain from in depth reviews of games, but I just wanted to give a few brief impressions of games I’ve played so far. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to play everything yet, but here’s some thoughts.


Fun micro game, humorous, considerable content for the size of the game.

Confessing to a Witch

Even though it’s not finished, I personally really like the direction; if nothing else, it makes a great introduction. The entry reminds me of Myst from back in the day, and I really think it could do well in that format. Looking forward to the final one.

The Bones of Rosalinda

Quite clever approach, being able to play from different body parts was unique. Enjoyable.

Thin Walls

Labyrinthine in ways, much like the story itself - but interesting and unsettling tone!

The Box

Nice debut for a new platform, and being able to switch input styles is cool. I’m interested in learning more about Kreate as well.

Custard and Mustard’s Big Adventure

I think it really stands out for its light-heartedness and tone; I think kids would really enjoy it as well.


Royal adventure that brings to mind old text adventure games from my youth, and that’s a good thing!

Good Grub!

Amusing. I think there’s actually some educational merit to this, and could see it even become a restaurant simulator to learn about potential benefits.

Let’s Talk Alex

Wow. Heavy game; big content in small package. Sad in many ways, but positive choices too.


I do like the tension and use of certain effects. Definitely has some uncomfortable moments, but in a way that’s good for the story.

You, Me, and Coffee

Pleasing graphical aesthetic. Short, yet interesting and unique. I’ve never heard of Bitsy before, but a nice introduction!


Thanks so much for playing Sweetpea and sharing some of your impressions! I’m glad you found that the discomfort and tension worked for the story- stringing together horror-adjacent pieces can be a difficult balancing act.


My pleasure; you did it well!


Thank you for reading, and I’ve been enjoying yours too!


You’re most welcome, and thank you!