Just saying hi

I wasn’t aware of this forum till others pointed it out. Just saying hi. Been watching the IF community since the late 90’s, watching Inform evolve and playing community games quietly. Over the last couple years I “came out of the shell”, and was one of the co-authors for ‘Rover’s Day Out’ in the recent IFcomp. (Jack and I are now working on a mini-game for the JiG competition at the end of the month.)

Endless detail about me is here: http://www.red-bean.com/sussman.

Grr, I meant to add this onto the ‘introduce ourselves’ thread. Doh.

Hi Sussman,

I guess it’s up to me to welcome you to the forum! They can be a quiet bunch around here, but it’s still worth posting requests for beta testers and the rest here.


Welcome to the forum, sussman! :smiley:

Good luck!

It seems that there’ll be many entries in that competition…