Just released: Kitchen Table

Hi everyone!
My name is Carlos (@gur_pegui) and I’m a game developer/writer.

I write short stories, novels, and essays mostly in Spanish and mostly horror-theme, but I also write some interactive fiction in English and work in game development.

I wan to share with you my new game using Inkle (I’m still learning how to use it).

Kitchen Table
A game about putting yourself, or not, in the skins of those who you love and love you back. Is a conversation about your feelings and about reaching out to understand the feelings of others. A discussion concerning what has hurt us or what we have done to hurt our beloved ones.

I wanted to explore the concept of non-violence communication, empathy in a non-monogamous relationship, and the self-work one must do to be at peace with one’s feelings in order to be able to share them with the beloved ones.

You can play it here for free: Kitchen Table by Gurpegui

Any thougts, feedback, or comment will be well received as I’m looking for it. Also if you like it I’d appreciate any feedback and stars on my itch.io page. There you’ll also find different and smaller twines and bitsy I did.

Thanks to everyone!