Just Completed Playing my First IF Adventure!

I have just completed playing my first IF adventure and want to share it this achievement with the world!

It was ‘The Dreamhold’ and was a great way to find your feet in IF. I admit that being my first go I dabbled a fair bit in ‘help hint’ and David Welbourns online guide, but I only tried to use it when truly stumped. Hopefully the more I play the less reliant I will be on such resources.

I used ‘Trizbort’ to make a map. I found it great use so I will almost certainly have it as my regular partner in more map heavy games.

I cannot wait to dig into my next IF, most likely it will be one of the single room or small map adventures recommended by forum users the past few days as I am off on holiday for three days with only my iPad and iPod Touch to play on.

I am looking forward to seeing where my IF adventures will take me! Who knows, I may even write one one day.

Hey, congrats… :stuck_out_tongue:
Good to hear that you had such a positive experience.
Keep adventuring…

Glad you enjoyed it.

If you like Dreamhold then I recommend Metamorphosis by Emily Short. The mood is quite similar, the puzzles are fun (and well hinted if you need) and it also has a small area (no map). Actually nearly all of Em’s games will suit (though don’t play them all at once, it’s been a while. :frowning:

I recommend Zarf’s games too, but they tend to be bigger (in physical area at least). :slight_smile:

hey, interesting connection you noticed there. And yes, I can second that.