June 1977 285-point Zork


A binary executable file for a 285-point Zork from June 1977 will shortly be released by MIT. I found the file on PDP-10 backup tapes, and tested it on an emulator running ITS. This version may be only a few weeks old. Per Tim Anderson: “By late May [1977], ADVENTURE had been solved, and various DM’ers were looking for ways to have fun.

Additional files will also be released, including some source code from a later date.

In related news, the final 616-point MDL Zork has been compiled, built, and played to conclusion on ITS. Welcome home, Zork!


Great news (both of them). I saw that eswenson1 found a bug in the Echo Room that I need to fix in my Confusion-prepped versions of the sources. Is there an issue on github that shows the progress of the efforts?

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That progress is not yet on display in any issue. It’s my intent that #1965 would be a place to collect all such fixes.

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