jumping over a balcony (that also functions as a door)

Yikes. I don’t even know where to start on this one. Everything I ve tried so far is a fail. The idea is if the player jumps over the balcony, he proceeds on to the next room. But if he attempts to just “go east” (without jumping the balcony) he is told he can’t. I have tried this many ways but they’ve all failed…

Please show us the code you’ve tried…

Instead of going east when the location is the Balcony: say “The railing is in the way.”
Instead of jumping when the location is the Balcony: move the player to the Garden.

That accepts “jump”. Possibly the author wants the player to type “jump over balcony”, which would be different code.

(Also different IF design issues, but we’ll get into that betimes.)

Worked great! (Except I changed it to “when the location is the terrace”) it seemed to work better than using the balcony as the location. I specified balcony as a door between the terrace and the rest of my map… thanks y’all!