Jumbo Grove, a new JS game engine

I was playing around with different interactive fiction engines for the web and wasn’t quite happy with any of them, so I made a new one!

Jumbo Grove is a game engine in the style of Undum/Racounteur and Salet. Its main feature? It has great documentation! It has complete API docs, a comprehensive guide, and many live examples. You can get started in less than 30 seconds by remixing this project on Glitch.

But also:

  • It doesn’t assume you want to use CoffeeScript. All the examples are in plain JS.
  • It’s geared toward people with beginner-level experience with JS, but has a lot to offer more advanced programmers
  • Uses Markdown and Nunjucks for string templates, the least confusing JS template language
  • Supports desktop, mobile, & gamepads.

>> Check it out <<

It’s at version 0.2 right now, but only because it hasn’t been battle-tested by a lot of people. I used it to make my unfinished Ludum Dare game and made a lot of improvements while writing the guides, but I don’t want to call it 1.0 until someone besides me has taken it for a spin.

Please let me know what you think!

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This is a very appealing feature. Looking forward to checking it out!

Just noticed the link might have been hard to see in the text. Edited to call it out, since this is all live and working right now.

Very interesting. Something more to learn. :wink: