JFrotz Android sound?

The other day I decided to read through the start-up screen on JFrotz, and I noticed a credit for “OSS sound support (from xfrotz 2.32.1)”. I assume this is something that wouldn’t work on Android and is just listed because of JFrotz’s many-headed open source origins, but I guess there’s a chance I’m wrong.

Is there any way to get sound (say for Sherlock or Lurking Horror) in the Android port of JFrotz?

Sherlock or Lurking Horror are tricky from the word go, because the sound is in a separate .blorb file and I’ve been unable to lump them together in a single file for the benefit of an interpreter… and most mobile terps, AFAIK (admittedly not very far!) don’t like accessing external files. Though JFrotz started as ZaxMidlet, which I played A LOT in, and ZaxMidlet did allow for it… hmm…

Does JFrotz support Glulx, by any chance? Because if so you have a better chance of getting sound there.

Then again, if JFrotz DOES play sound for those .z6 files, you’ll want to get the audio files and ensure they’re in the same folder as the .z6 game. See what happens then…

Just wanted to clear up a couple of things.
The Lurking Horror is a .z3 game, and Sherlock is .z5.
JFrotz has no support for blorb files or the Glulx VM (or z6 for that matter).
Since xfrotz uses the old-style (non-Blorb) sound technique (the separate sound files go in a sound subdirectory of the same directory as the story file), that’s what I’ve tried in JFrotz–without success.
I haven’t tried putting the sound files in the same directory as the story file yet.
I suspect that Android’s means of supporting sound are totally incompatible with whatever sound code might remain from xfrotz–but we’ll see.

EDIT: I just tried putting them in the same directory, and that failed too. I guess that answers my question–unless anyone has any other ideas?

I’m trying to get this sorted out on Android - can someone give me an example layout of the folder and filenames for these games?