Jay Is Games All-IF Competition

The Jay Is Games all-IF competition has started, and all 30 of the games are available:


There are a number of games from community regulars. Off the top of my head, here are the ones I saw:

Escape in the Dark, by Owen Parish (the torch)
Fragile Shells, by me! (the space station)
Heavenly, by Jim Aikin (the harp)
Hoosegow, by Ben Collins-Sussman and Jack Welch (the icon with the wooden building)
Roofed, by Jim Munroe (the guy in a striped top and green pants sitting down)
Zegrothenus, by Poster (the z icon)

If you want to judge, you’ve got three weeks to do so.

Very exciting!

I’m impressed by the number of games entered, plus the (25ish?) authors who I don’t recognize from IFComp, RAIF, or anything like that.

Andrew Plotkin also said he’d submit a game, but apparently, he used a pseudonym.

I was a writing a game for it, but didn’t finish it in time [emote]:([/emote] . Oh wells. I guess I’ll enter it into a different comp. It’s certainly been a learning experience (my first game!).