Javacript/HTML5 Scott Adams style text adventures?

I left this on the interpreter thread, but I was wondering, if there is a simple JavaScript framework for making Scott Adams/Adventure International style text adventures? If not, I guess I be cracking the books on how to study JavaScript/JSON or even look more into the churned out inform coding of how the Scott Adams games are converted with the Scott2ZIP Perl script.

There are some of his adventures in z5 that can be played online.
You can check on IFDB

Hey, thanks for the reply, but yeah. I know of the z5 remakes, what I am thinking is trying to make a limited grammar on the parser, and hopefully learn how to hack the status line (in Inform) so I can make pseudo-MUD (more like SUD) for Parchment. I am also porting games I make from ScottCom (the Tex-Comp Adventure Editor equivalent compiler for WIN/DOS) for the TI 99/4A to pc but I also thought if I can find a javascript port of ScottFree I wouldn’t have to worry about that.

I am creating a new version of Quest that is entirely written in JavaScript. The editor is in an embryoic stage, but the game system is pretty much done and definitely useable. It has a parser, and implements the usual features, such as containers and clothing.

There is even some documentation and a tutorial to get you started.

This is not officially out even in beta yet, but that is more because I am doing the editor and language support is limited.

There is a test game here:

ETA: Had not realised this thread was two years old until I posted; I am probably too late! This forum does not see much action, does it?


If you post a new thread, it bumps the topic so people will see it. I look forward to seeing more of this - it appears to eliminate many of the issues I personally have with Quest, especially if you actually make an editor for it! I’m interested.