Jason Shiga's Leviathan, review and narrative analysis

So, I’ve reviewed and analyzed Leviathan, the interactive comic by Jason Shiga at Mastodon.

Maybe it is of interest to someone here. I loved it. It is a 5 stars game. Maybe I will upload the review to IFDB and create a profile for the game there. Who knows.


I saw that thread! Thanks.

Naturally I will note that my PC/Mac adaptation is available on Steam. It’s not an exact replica. For a start, it uses pipes everywhere rather than page numbers.

The design still comes from Jason, though – we talked over how to adapt various elements, but Jason made the final call.


This is something that mind blows me. I know it because I have the digital version of meanwhile, and It fascinates me that everything is a huge poster where everything is interconnected. I wonder what is the “original” design, if the poster, or the comic page with numbered pages.

I’m eager to have one day the Leviathan digital version to see those adaptations in action.

The original design of Meanwhile is the tabbed book (designed in 2000). Jason has a photo of the poster version (https://zarfhome.com/meanwhile/shiga-matrix.jpeg) which I think was designed 2004.

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