Jason McIntosh is the new IFComp organizer!

I’m pleased to announce that Jason McIntosh has agreed to be the next Interactive Fiction Competition organizer, beginning in 2014!

Jason’s a long-time IF author and aficionado. He’s the author of The Warbler’s Nest (playofthelight.com/). I’ve been talking with him about becoming the new IFComp organizer for a while, and I’m excited about his plans for carrying the competition forward.

It’s been a long, amazing ride for me as the organizer, and I step down with more than a bit of sadness. But it’s time for someone new to take over, and I know that Jason’s the right person for the job.

There are lots of people who’ve contributed to the competition during the years I’ve been organizing it. I owe them all thanks. I especially want to thank Mark Musante and Dan Shiovitz. Without their help with keeping the site running, counting votes, and in general doing lots of stuff behind the scenes, the competition wouldn’t have been possible.

Good luck to all past and future authors and judges. I can’t wait to see what happens with the competition next!

Thank you, Sargent, for your long effort in this position. I know it’s cost you all your hair.

Thanks, Sargent!

I don’t have much to add to this today other than to echo Zarf’s sentiments, modulo hair jokes.

2014 will hold the 20th IFComp, and I sincerely look forward to steering this institution SG has helmed since 1999, even while aware that I find myself with shoes of a certain magnitude to fill. A lot’s changed over the last few years – to say nothing of the last fifteen – and I see the Comp as more important to the continuing development of text-based games than ever before, both as a body of work and as an increasingly diverse art form.

Your new organizer lives in a rather colder climate than the previous one, so please be assured that I’ll have more to reveal come the spring thaw.

Thanks for everything, Stephen. You rocked my IF years.

Welcome on board, Jason. I’m sure you will rock the next!

To be fair, it’s sleeting down here right now.

Massive props for all the work you put in over the years, Stephen. And also serious props for landing such a well-suited successor, which seems to be a pretty huge aspect of Good Organising.

Thank you for everything, Sargent. Really appreciate the years.

Welcome aboard, Jmac!

Thanks for keeping the Comp intact for all these years. Who would have thought that by the time the Higgs was discovered, you’d still be running the Comp? [emote]:mrgreen:[/emote]

Ditto to everyone; thank you, Sargent, and best wishes, Jason.

Wow, I was pretty sure Stephen had been running the comp since before I joined the community, but I had no idea just how long. Thank you so much for all your work over the years. It’s been fantastic. And thank you to Jmac for taking it over!

Here’s to the IFComp! clinks coffee mug against monitor

Just saw this news. Thanks to the past and future IFComp organizers! It’s been fun and will be fun. Wish I could’ve been around before 2010, for sure. I know there’s been a lot of cool stuff added to the comp for authors in the past few years & I bet there’ll be more.