James Bond Needs You is now available

Happy new year everybody!

I’m proud to announce that my first IF game, James Bond Needs You, is now available on-line:

It’s a natural language James Bond text adventure.

This game will put you in the shoes of a MI6 agent, and James Bond will be your partner. You will guide Bond through his mission and help him decide which methods to use.

Each mission will test your mettle in life-and-death scenarios requiring such skills as cunning, insight, and resourcefulness, and has a number of different outcomes. It’s your job to find the best solution for each mission. And remember you have limited time to complete each mission.

Have fun, and if you like it, please tell your friends about it, and recommend the game on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, and other sites.

So, are you ready to serve for MI6?

Guys, would you please share your impressions about the game? It’s my first-ever game, and I want to know if I’m on the right way.

Is there any way to play it without a Facebook account?

Yeah, that’s my hangup too. My thought process was pretty much “sure, I’ll give that a whirl… oh, Facebook. No.”

Looks worth checking out, but I don’t wanna deal with Facebook.

here is:


no Facebook account needed now, special for you

This looks mysteriously similar to the James Bond advergame by Hide & Seek, “British Intelligence Officer Exam”. (I mean, it looks that way based on screen shots. I haven’t played James Bond Needs You, but given the fact that the appearance and some of the output appears identical, I’m a little apprehensive that it may have, er, repurposed material from that game without permission.)

When I saw …Needs You appear on IFDB, I had assumed at first it actually was British Intelligence Officer Exam, which I remembered from Emily’s review of it, though not its title.

  • Wade

This game seems to automatically do all the stuff I actually want to do myself. I’d like to explore and discover on my own. This is basically a CYOA game. But with a textual input, which doesn’t help at all because it doesn’t understand what I’m saying.

Do a proper parser and I’m sold :mrgreen:

RealNC, thanks for your thoughts. I’ll do my best to do a proper parser.

I really love British Intelligence Officer Exam by Hide & Seek, and I passed all the missions several times to find all possible outcomes.

Unfortunately, there were only five missions. So I decided to create a sequel.

I retained its look and feel because I love it. I’m sure there’s no copyright infringement here since an idea and look and feel are not copyrightable (see progfree.org/Copyright/copyright.html). Only implementation is subject to copyright. But I use my own implementation, my own plot and graphic assets.

The James Bond character is still in copyright!

Right, but I believe a fanfiction, like my labor, qualifies as fair use (see Legal section on transformativeworks.org/faq-page).

I’ve added some changes in the parser – hope it will improve playability. Have fun :slight_smile:

I strongly doubt that.

Your source “believes” a lot of legal things, which doesn’t help to convince me. I also don’t recall the feature “for-profit/non-for-profit” ever being a criterion in copyright cases.

It’s true that a number of coporations tolerate fanfic (Star Wars, Doctor Who, etc.), but I would recommend you check with the copyright holders for Bond what their stance is; otherwise you may be in for a nasty surprise.

My two cents,


Thanks, Syzygy, I’ll try to sort it out. But if I get in a pinch I can just rename James Bond to Alex Bond, for example )