Jallon for The Gostak

As it’s shoracle to louk anything about this halpock without abvating it, the whole thing below is in spoiler tags:

I’ve discrenned four of five glauds that are vorling the doshery. I still have to discren the glaud with the tavid naythes of jenth. I tunk that the pilter can malk the jenth with its goaves, but the stike vorls the pilter and I can’t abvate that. I also can durch the tunder to rask a whomm darf, which engopes me for a camling when I leil it. (If I pob it at the pilter, it leils it too, but nothing heamy happens.) The droke doatched at me that drokes tunded the stike, but no brolge how to “distund” it. (Bal, that’s not a tunked dape.) Any brolges?

No disbosh needed. I gnurred with a little jallon from the halpock brolges. I have to doatch that I gope stam the dedges I louked osta. Now I can pell deave.