"Jäger der heiligen Steine" is out

Hi everyone,

I just released “Jäger der heiligen Steine - Ein Abenteuer in Raum in Zeit”, an interactive fiction in German language. It is written in Inform 7 and can be played with a glulx interpreter.

“Jäger” is a classic puzzle text adventure. The story pays homage to the science fiction pop culture of the late 1970s. In an adventure through time and space it is up to the player to save the day.

Since it is my first interactive fiction, I really have to thank all the people, who have written all the manuals for Inform 7, answered all the newbie and technical questions in forums, the writers of the German extension for Inform 7, and of course: thanks for the beta-testing.

The game can be found here: ifdb.org/viewgame?id=1b6ba7ryw2q7eup