Jacqueline, Jungle Queen

I’m afraid I don’t have as much to say as the other authors who have posted here, but I wanted to thank everyone who played and rated my game! I enjoyed reading the reviews and it was very gratifying to see that most of the people who tried it had fun. It looks like the number of people who could vote on it was limited due to it being in Quest; I didn’t have enough time to learn a new system before the competition, but I have been working with Inform, which has a steeper learning curve at the beginning but makes it a lot easier to do certain more complicated things, so I hope to have much livelier and more interactive environments in my next game (as well as the game being playable offline to more people).

If you enjoyed JJQ, I have another game, Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft (http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/yga06kzqtku8cn8vfgjt2a/whitefield-academy-of-witchcraft) that you might try. It’s a good deal larger and more sprawling that JJQ, but also somewhat rougher and less polished, especially in the final parts. What can I say, it was my first one!

Thanks again! What a fun experience!

Oh, you’re the Whitefield author! That one was really good. I hope to see many more great games from you, especially once you get Inform down.

Your game was cool and I enjoyed it - it was actually the first I played, I think, and the blurb image was also a factor in that.
Although I expected it to do well in the comp I confess I was (pleasantly) surprised to see it rate it to be as high as 3rd place. Congratulations!

Also, I did not feel the game being in Quest rather than Inform was an issue; having an automap was very nice, for one.
Will definetely give a try to Whitefield someday, sounds great too.

It’s pretty impressive that a Quest game came 3rd in the comp. Has there even been a Quest game in the top 10 before this?

I couldn’t play your game due to platform restrictions, but just from what I’ve read about it, I was rooting for it simply because it sounded like a delightfully unpretentious game.

I initially had the same problem (I’m on Linux), but in an update to game, a link to an online version was added, so that I could play it using a Web browser. There were some minor technical problems (sometimes the game would pause for several seconds before responding to a command), but it mostly worked fine, and I was able to finish the game. And it was such a fun game; I thoroughly enjoyed it!