I've been made a liar

The events of last night might require me to rewrite the ending of Bonehead:

Congratulations to them anyway, and to aschultz, who probably hasn’t slept since the final out.

Hah, yeah my first thought was of Fan Interference.

I’m very impressed that you took the time to update a game post-comp. That shows dedication to craft!

My one cat took a whole day after game 7 before realizing I wasn’t mad at him. I actually managed to be very quiet after Rajai Davis’s home run.

Also I’m glad nobody on Cleveland really lost the series for them. Maybe they will break their own streak sometime soon. They have a lot of good players returning.

Oh, folks? Play Bonehead. Even if you hate baseball.

And I hope people like this pic too even if they don’t care about the game. A bit blurry but I like it. The crazy crowd had gone, and the police on duty got to have some fun.