It's beginning to look a lot like Source Code Amnesty Day (April 1)

Works for me! Thanks!

EDIT: If you get a TypeError: I7HtmlFormatter.wrap() takes 2 positional arguments but 3 were given, you need to upgrade your version of Pygments. Oops.


Better late than never, here’s the source to Death on the Stormrider! Still working on that post-comp release, but Spring Thing and research work has taken precedence at the moment.

This part might be of particular interest to I7 coders. It adds a “Sound” rulebook, run for actions that aren’t in the player’s immediate vicinity (that’s handled by “Report”) but are close enough to hear. This is how you can keep track of what the crew is up to while you sneak around, sabotaging their ship.

Loose Ends is coming soon…hopefully. So you’ll be able to see just how atrocious my Ink style is. I had a consistent standard for casing at one point, and then…I didn’t.