ISO ZIL surgeon interested in Franken-Witness

I’m looking for a technical collaborator for a Witness prequel. (The premise: You’re Monica, putting the finishing touches on your plot, given an hour or so to do things that Phong and Linder know about–and adjust the clock gun when neither of them are around. The prequel game ends when The Detective enters the house at about 7:00 pm.)

I’d like to use ZIL (out of authenticity and bloody-mindedness, in roughly equal degree.)

I can handle just enough ZIL to be a danger to myself and others, but I know getting this right (whether by conducting extensive surgery on the Witness code as presented, or by stripping it down to the studs and starting over with nothing but the map) is a challenge above my own personal pay grade, so I’m looking for a collaborator.

I’ve had good success over the years working on similar projects with both a narrative and a tech requirement where I wire up the lower-hanging tech stuff which I can handle, and cheer on a collaborator for the harder bits. If that other person sounds like you, please say so and share your bribe level for participation.