Is using Tweego in 2024 a good idea?

Currently writing a story in Twine 2.8. I have a couple of gripes with it, in particular, the HTML format just wreaks havoc on git thanks to the devs’ apparent hatred for newlines. Also, I’d like better integration in CI/CD pipelines (auto-upload to and things like that).

Googling has led me to believe that Tweego might offer some improvement on that and I am curious to migrate my story and give it a try, but I see that it hasn’t been updated since 2020, whereas Twine has had several updates this year.

Is using Tweego a good idea? Will I be missing out on any major new Twine features, or run into compatibility issues with the current versions of story formats? Is there an alternative that is still actively maintained?


Twine has had to update because the interface of the program needed some work or to update the formats inside (Harlowe, SugarCube, Chapbook… so people would use the last version of each format). In one of the last version, Twine has added Import Twee and Export to Twee, which is pretty neat :slight_smile:

However, the compiler side (Project → HTML file), which is also what Tweego is, has not change one bit. There hasn’t been any need to change the compiler, as it only follows what’s coded in the format file (.js).

Actually, it has a one-up from Twine: you can use Twine 1 formats in Tweego.

Tweego is still maintained, but like I said, there hasn’t been a need to update it.

Only if you find the Twine program restricting or want to use something like Git.

When the format of your choice updates, just download the relevant files, and put it in the correct folder :slight_smile:

(I have a Ready-to-Use Tweego Folder if you’re interested, it only has SugarCube formats, but you can add whichever format you want, even Twine 1 formats).


Sounds good, guess I’ll give it a shot then.

note: If you’re wondering which Text Editor to use to edit your Twee Notation based project, then you may want to consider using Visual Studio Code by Microsoft.

Because a Twine community member with an alias of cyrusfirheir has created a VSCode extension named Twee 3 Language Tools, that supports both the Twee 3 specification as well as all the major Twine 2.x Story Formats.