Is there any way of styling game post-export?

E.g. so it looks like it’s played on an old orange or green CRT display (maybe without the actual bending so it can be done without delving into webgl and shaders, just with clever CSS and DOS-like font).

In INFORM: much can be done styling the Quixe CSS of the version “exported with an interpreter.”
You can also bundle a Lectrote game with such customisation and make it a self-playable for Mac, Linus and Win.
Although I can’t tell how to add a scanlines effect, I’m pretty sure it is doable in HTML, so…

Here’s an example of customisation, made entirely in CSS. I has custom typography and colour.

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I have an idea how to add scanlines :wink:. Anyway thanks. Is Quixe bundled with the Inform or do I need to download it and install separately?

It is bundled. IIRC, you just have to “release along with an interpreter”.

You can also mod an existing website template, store that in one of the folders listed here

Then you can release with your modded template.