Is there an online sandbox for testing code?

Does anyone know of any way to test-run Inform 7 code without using the desktop app? I looked for “online Inform 7 IDE” and didn’t find anything.

I am looking for a place where you can test a few lines, not make a whole game.

Thanks! is what you’re after, but note that it runs I7 version 6G60, which is several versions behind the most recent release.


Wow, @Dannii, I was so buckled up for a negative answer to this one! Thanks so much!

Hey @Dannii,

Any idea what this character is?


It comes up after “if… say…” situations.

It’s a Unicode control character, which usually indicates that there’s some extraneous invisible character in the text. You can try deleting that line in the code and re-writing it (by hand, not copy-pasting) which should clear it up.


Thank you for this! I had already deleted a couple of such characters, because they were giving me errors. Perhaps a couple of them are still on the loose.