Is there an automapper for playing Z5 (Z Code) games?

I know a few tools have automappers built in… and Inform 7 does, but as far as I can tell it’s only for help in writing IF, not playing. I’m looking for an application that will create a map as I play the game. Is there an application like that?

What a coincidence. :slight_smile: Trizbort 1.2 has just been released, and it does just that. Check it out.

Alternatively, you can look at IFMapper.

Awesome ! Thanks for the info !


O.k. I looked at Trizbort and IFmapper and they are nice… I may use them but they don’t really work as I want them to.

I’m looking for a map feature that’s built into the interrupter and will generate maps automatically as you play the game.

This way, I won’t have to worry about pausing to go to the map software and make a room with directions like I would have to for Trizbort and IFmapper.

(Author bias) Trizbort can do that for you. If you fire up the game in an interpreter supporting transcripts, start a transcript (> SCRIPT in most) and point Trizbort at said transcript, Trizbort will generate a map as you play.

IFMapper apparently has similar functionality, and though I haven’t used it much it does have a lot of fans.

Automapping isn’t a precise science so automapping tools can make mistakes. They also have trouble with mazes, and Trizbort in particular can’t map certain “unconventional” games. If anyone does use Trizbort and decides that its automapping sucks, let me know - my email is on the Trizbort site.

Hadn’t seen your edit, that’s why I didn’t reply earlier. You proibably didn0t really explore either of them, as they do have built-in automappers. It’s not built into the interpreter - for that you may try Nitfol, though I never got it to work myself - but it will generate the map automatically as you play.

And having used both IFMapper and Trizbort, I heavily reccomend Trizbort. IFMapper is almost as good… but Trizbort is much friendlier in disambiguating between rooms, and for me that was the winner. In a normal game session, if you have both your game window and your mapping window side by side, you can always see where you are and only have to switch to Trizbort if you want to tidy it up visually (which is another thing that Trizbort, in my experience, managed better than IFMapper).