Is there a web based interpreter for inform6 or inform7 games that shows the inventory and commands as buttons?

From my research, the closest thing I could find is the filfre interpreter. What I am looking for is something web based.

For those who aren’t used to text adventures, introducing it to them is much easier when some visual commands are present to just press.

Dreamhold for ios does this by showing a list of suggested commands. Are there other interpreters out there capable of such mechanisms?

PS. My first post on the forum, I apologise beforehand if there is any formatting error.

Where user interfaces are concerned, it’s either old school standard, or custom designed for someone‘s story. There hasn’t been any innovation on a new standard interface. The tools are there, like Vorple and fyrevm-web, but no one has done anything to date.


For what it’s worth, I added this (the pop-up common-verbs menu) because I figured that people might want the shortcut for typing on mobile devices. It wasn’t particularly intended as an introductory or IF-newbie aid.

Then again, I never did any user testing to find out why people used it. Or whether people used it.


I don’t know if it helps but Fabularium can play html games and you can assinh an action to any button of the virtual keyboard.


Check out Gruescript. It’s not Inform, but it satisfies many of the same requirements/constraints.

In particular, check out Detectiveland (which is in a an earlier proto version of Gruescript)

and The Party Line (which is in Gruescript, with example source)