Is there a way to play Adrift 5 games with a screen reader on Windows

Hi all,

a few years ago, I played an Adrift 5 game with a screen reader using the Adrift web interpreter. This worked okay, although it could get a bit slow sometimes and my online saves were deleted every few days, which made me quit the game. Now I thought I could try again, but it seems like the web interpreter is down. Or did I just catch it on a bad day? Sadly, I have no Android to play it with Fabularium, and last I checked, the downloaded Adrift Interpreter is completely inaccessible (and throws virus warnings as well). Is there any way at the moment to play Adrift 5?

I have heard that the ADRIFT server has good and bad days. You could ask at the ADRIFT Forum if the problem persists.

There is an IF interpreter NVDA addon available, if that helps.