Is there a standalone Twine game compiler / interpreter?

I’d like to put a Twine game on Steam, but I’m not sure if that will work since they typically run in a web browser. I’ve seen similar games advertised on there, so I guess it’s possible unless they made their own engine for the purpose.

Does anyone know of an interpreter for Twine games that could be used to bundle up a standalone file that wouldn’t require a web browser?

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I’m absolutely unfamiliar with Twine, so big grain of salt required here. But since nobody else jumped in yet, I’ll suggest maybe looking into nw.js ( That’s one way to turn a web thingy into an application thingy, to put it very technically. :wink:

Also, is a good and popular platform for publishing and selling web-based games, so you might want to consider that as an alternative to (or in addition to) Steam.

There’s a very good chance I have no idea what I’m talking about. I do honestly look forward to more informed responses, as this might be a topic that’ll be relevant to my own future games if I get hooked on this Twine thing all the cool kids are using.


You can use this GitHub - lazerwalker/twine-app-builder: Automatically generate Windows and macOS versions of your Twine games, for free!

It will wrap your twine in an encapsulated browser in the form of an electron app (similar to what nwjs does)


Also, Tauri is an Electron competitor that does not require shipping an entire browser with your application.


Yep, I know Itch. Not sure if they support HTML games or only Flash-based games, but I will look into it.

1 Like does support HTML games.


If you plan to charge a flat fee for the game, it’s worth considering Steam. In which case you have to look into the standalone solutions above.

(For free games or pay-what-you-want games, Itch is better.)


Itch has a Twine specific tag/section, which as of right now has 5,508 items listed in it, so I think it’s safe to state that they support Twine based games thus HTML based ones.


Itch can handle anything you throw at it that is an HTML file, or a zip with an index.html file in the top layer with supporting structure. I don’t believe it supports Flash. Be aware that you can upload for online browser play right on the page, and that cannot currently be monetized in any way. You can also upload different files that require payment or request a donation, so I suppose ostensibly you could put a demo up as browser playable and charge for the entire game that a purchaser would then download and play offline.

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Surely if you upload a zip file containing HTML with an embedded Flash file, Itch will serve it to the player’s browser.

Then the player’s browser will say “Plugin not supported, what the hell year do you think it is” but that’s not Itch’s fault.

Sorry, this is a tangent.


S’okay, it’s all useful.

Flash still works on some browsers, and on others it can be manually enabled.

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