Is there a 2015 IFComp Author's Board Yet?

Although now that I think about it, I guess there can’t be until they verify people who don’t withdraw.

Carry on!

Well, if whoever makes that sees this, I’d like to be added once it’s up, please!

There’ll be one as soon as I figure out how creating boards works and/or another mod who knows about this makes it work. [emote]:P[/emote]

EDIT: Done! Just contact jmac and he can give you access now.

I just batch-added all authors who set their forum handles in their user accounts (thanks), as well as those who asked separately.

I’d suggest that all authors who plan on using these forums during the comp please do add their handles to their accounts, if they haven’t already done so. I’ll do another batch-add when voting starts.

Folks can also just use the board’s mechanisms for asking for entry to the 2015 user group; if you do that, please let me know what game you entered too! (I’m not 100% certain how one requests membership though; could one of the admins drop a link, perhaps?)

If you go to the User Control Panel (top right) there’ll be a tab on the left side for “usergroups”. Find the one called IFComp Authors 2015 and apply for membership. (I believe this then sends a message to jmac, who can then add you to the group.)