Is the Twine Cookbook missing anything? Next version coming up!

If you were not aware, the Twine Cookbook has been operating under a rolling-update process where a new version comes out every few months based on feedback and new examples. After the next major update, scheduled for roughly a month from now after Twine 2.3 comes out, it will go into a longer-term maintenance mode until the next major version of Twine 2.

Now is the time to suggest new examples, changes, or give feedback about what might need to be included. For those with GitHub accounts, new Issues or Pull Requests can be added. Examples can also be suggested to the managing editor (me) on Twitter.

Iā€™m also posting here to give this community a voice. If you have any feedback or suggestions, let me know! After this planned update, the next one may not happen until early 2020.

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