is original Dungeon (aka MIT Zork) public domain

Hi everyone,

I’m considering doing a faithful port of the original MIT Zork (Dungeon) in Tidepool. Trying to determine the rights.

This page says this, “Dungeon, the more or less public domain version of the original MIT Zork.”

What does “more or less public domain” mean?


This page says, “Released to the PD by Infocom”.

Wikipedia says, “When Zork became a commercial product at Infocom, Infocom agreed that if an Infocom copyright notice was put on the Fortran version, noncommercial distribution would be allowed. This Fortran version, and C translations thereof, have been included in several Linux distributions.”

The older versions in the archive (including the Fortran version) say:

That’s not exactly saying that noncommercial distribution is permitted, but that’s how we take it.

Didn’t someone ask about this at Activision (or for something similar - maybe the remake of The Witness someone did a few years back)?