Is it possible to make vehicles move automatically?

ok so i was thinking of making this motorcycle which is a rideable vehicle to move by itself but too where the player can control its turning… its just a creative idea i had but probably not.

sorry if im in the wrong area

Depends what you’re intending. Is it a ghost motorcycle that drives itself and the player can “hop aboard” and make suggestions? Is it like a guided tour vehicle? Or do you just want to simplify navigation or restrict the player from going certain places?

If you want to restrict where the player can manually navigate on a vehicle, see Recipe Book 8.1, example 104 “No Relation”.

If you want the motorcycle trips to be like a cutscene, only pausing for the player to make a choice, you could use “Hybrid Choices” by AW Freyr and make motorcycle-navigation choice-based separate from the parser interface.

If the motorcycle is a Knight Rider style situation where it navigates on its own whether the player is on it or not, you could try Emily Short’s “Transit System” extension where you can make vehicles follow schedules whether the player rides them or not. You might be able to set up several different routes so that the player can issue a command to TURN RIGHT at specific points, which would actually silently move them to a differently-routed transit vehicle on the appropriate route.