Is it possible to force the game to save?

So I want to implement multiple endings in my game (I have currently devised six) and I would like the player to have the opportunity to explore them without backtracking too much. So ideally I would force the game to save when the last scene called the epilogue starts. Is there a way to do this? One way I suppose would be to just tell the player they might want to save now, but if I can avoid breaking the fourth wall, I will.


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When the player finishes ending 1, you could ask them if they want to see another ending and if they consent, just automatically move them back to the point of the choice without any saves. I did this in Fairest and it seemed to work well.


Hmm. Yeah. That’ll work. Thanks!

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Try Autosave by Daniel Stelzer. That’s how The Labyrinthine Library of Xleksixnrewix lets you rewind to a specific place if you die.

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Great!! I’m too new to the language to trouble myself with expansions quite yet, but I’ll definitely be sure to look into that one! Thanks!

All the saving code is part of the default library, so you can change or duplicate it, but it probably needs Inform 6 code (unless you use extensions). You can open the save dialog when you want, or save to a filename that you (the author) specify.