Is browser-play possible?

Is it somehow possible to export an Inform 7 game so that people can play it in a browser? If yes: could anyone please give me a bit of instructions on how it is done?

(if it’s not possible … damn shame)

It’s not only possible but actually rather easy. You simply add the instruction Release along with an interpreter. to your source code. Now, whenever you compile the game, a playable web page will be generated on your hard drive.

Thanks! But I can’t find the web page anywhere - is it placed in some strange directory, or did something went wrong?

Look through chapter 23.10, 23.11 of the manual. This stuff is generated when you use the “Release” button, not “Run”. It then is written into the Materials folder, which is adjacent to the project folder.

Perfect. Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Part of the reason I was unsure about such a basic thing is that I got confused by this page:
It really needs an update!