Is a recent Bug Report macro available?

Tweego v2.1.1
Sugarcube 2.36.1, 2.37.0 alpha 17

Is a recent Bug Report macro available for IFs written in Sugarcube?

I’m trying to test the new Alpha release of Sugarcube.

I have a rather old Bug Report macro (source unknown) which works with 2.36.1 but fails with 2.37. It’s intended to provide appropriate information when sent by the user to the IF’s author. In particular, the problems I’ve seen so far are that

  1. its version check (that Sugarcube is .ge. 2.19) fails and
    2, the information provided by the bug report is truncated.

I’m hoping that the problems I’m having might be fixed with a more recent macro before I spend the time packaging a simplified twee file which demonstrates all the problems I’m having with the old macro under 2.37.

Try this one: (1.8 KB)

This is a minimally updated bugreport-macro.min.js file that only addresses the version check.

I’m mostly stuck with developing from my phone currently, so can you elaborate on the bug report is truncated a bit?

Everything’s on one line, with just the one line break at the beginning. When I look closely it does seem that the Passages and Variables are there.

Maybe this is related to the “bug” I reported about   being lost? Maybe vertical white space is being lost?

Bug report: [Select]

Problem description: [spoiler][code] SOURCE: WhiteTiger_v2.html PASSAGES: "Start" VARIABLES (PRE-EXECUTION): VARIABLES (POST-EXECUTION): $Bseen=false, $DA=true, $Deb=false, $Des=false, $Eros=undefined, $Exp=false, $Fnt="IBM Plex Sans", $Fonts=false, $POV="Single", $Rseen=false, $SType="Furry", $Spc=false, $pa=false, $pb=false, $pc=false, $pd=false, $pe=false, $pf=false [/code][/spoiler]

From a quick look, that’s the same bugreport macro that I’m already using. It’s symptoms are the same, too.

As noted, I only addressed the version check issue. And that is definitely resolved in the download as I simply tore the version check out completely.

Understood. Thanks for the verification.

They’re unlikely to be related.

Both of the issues with the macro should be fixed (in the repo). I’ll be updating the download after I look into the other issue you raised.


I hereby confirm that alpha-18 restores the line breaks in the “report a bug” macro.