Invisible Parties, postcomp testing

I’m working on polishing up my decidedly rough Shufflecomp entry, Invisible Parties, and I could use another tester or two. I’d prefer people who haven’t played the original version - I’ve already got some repeat testers on it (this is round 3, so things are rather less bumpy), and what I need most at this point is fresh eyes.

For those people: Invisible Parties is an apocalyptic interdimensional romance. It has the highest (size * seriousness) quotient of any game I’ve finished to date (not a high bar, to be sure).


If you’d be willing to take a crack at it, PM or email magadog@gmail.

Haven’t played it yet, but it sounds a lot like the old Amiga “Valhalla Classics” episodic game. The one where you drop the “Eye of the Beholder” onto the “Altar of Beauty”, or where you drop the “Ring of Compromise” onto the “Altar of Dispute” to get the “White Dove”.