Introducing Ourselves

Thank you, and absolutely… maybe we start another thread or something?


Sure! I need to get something posted this morning but would happily either make or support a thread in the afternoon or evening.

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Hi everyone!

I am Jenny Kleidona from Thessaloniki, Greece.

Although I was born in the 80s, I became familiar with Interactive Fiction quite recently as an undergraduate student. Yeah, I know… I’m trying hard to make up for all the lost time!

In my diploma thesis I examined Nick Montfort’s Ad Verbum and Adam Cadre’s Photopia drawing on my background in both Linguistics and English Studies. I’m currently working on my PhD, which also focuses on Interactive Fiction and its relation to space, identity and agency. Apart from the narrative itself, I am also interested in the source code, so part of my PhD draws on Critical Code Studies (Mark C. Marino, if you ever read this, thank you so much for the new horizons you have opened up for us researchers in the humanities!).

Really nice to be able to exchange ideas and experiences with you all!




Awesome idea! I’m currently working on my PhD on interactive fiction and I would be really happy to be part of this.


I’m XYZZY Award-winning* author Jason Love. I started making silly, incomplete games as a child in 1992. I made silly, incomplete websites as a teenager in 1997. I made silly, incomplete IF as a college student in 2001… and for some reason I still submitted it to the IF Comp. I’ve been active in—or at least, adjacent to?—the IF community ever since!

* (My award is shared with at least 84 other authors, technically…)



I’m Joey (also go by Jess; no preference; will accept any and all pronouns).

I’m a hard science fiction enthusiast and writer, and have been building a world in my head for a while. I’ve been coding since I was ten, and also started writing music around the same time.

I take too long to make graphics, but I’ve been told that I’m great at delivering a story. I still enjoy making games more than writing book-fiction, though, so I fell in love with IF as a teen. I felt like I got into it long after everyone had left, as a lot of the games and tools were decades-old when I found them, but then I came across this site earlier this year!

You people are awesome, and I’m so happy to see these kinds of games and stories thriving! I don’t post much; I’ve been lurking in the shadows mostly, because I’m shy.

A lot of the IF games I’ve tried to make haven’t survived to release, because it seems I’m a bit too ambitious with my ideas and vision, and it takes too long to wrastle Inform 7 and TADS 3 into doing what I need them to for a really simple task (not their faults; I have a lot of weird ideas to make). However, I noticed a lot of my game ideas have a lot of mechanics and world properties in common, so I have a remedy for my situation: The Jess Adventure Core! It’s a Java library I’ve set out to create for myself! I’m not sure how useful it will be for other people, but the plan is use it for my weird ideas, and make an easier development platform for them. I’m really fascinated by games with really deep simulation, and want to try to bring a bit of that to my future stories, but also give the player the necessary tools to navigate these worlds comfortably, without drowning in tedium.

Also: I have severe ADHD, so I have a tendency to lose steam often, but I’ve noticed that if I’m working on something that unites multiple projects, then I can stick with it for years at a time! Hopefully I can do that with my Java-based IF library, as it will be the foundation for a lot of my work, going forward!

Happy to be here!


Oh, just another TDAH here.


Oh hi… introsuctions huh?
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I am Rereddi.
Reddi or reddy if you prefer.



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At 73 I’m a little late coming to Twine. On the plus side I have been a freelance writer of poetry, short stories and articles for a little over 50 years. I have been experimenting with Twine Harlowe 3 and made a couple of short presentations of well known poetry, Rudyard Kiplings Just So Stories and Abstract Images I worked with in Photoshop etc. Just to get the hang of Twine really. I used HAL to enable the poems to be played as audio files.

I admit to having robbed many ideas from this excellent forum.

I turned a very short story into an interactive fiction with a couple of outcomes and with variables used to show morale of the main character. Again, more of an experiment into the possibilities really.

I am currently writing a sci-fi novel using Twine as a means of presentation without the interactive option of selecting choices. Just a straight novel really. The first three chapters are completed in draft form.

Anyway, if you wish to see the items mentioned above, they are on my website at and I would appreciate any feedback. On the website click the “Live Games and Presentations” link and select items from the menu. Feel free to explore the rest of the site. It has poetry, short stories, articles and various other topics that you may find of interest.

Apologies for this rather lengthy introduction.

Best Wishes


Always nice to see more poetry lovers here. Clearly you’re part of the stealth operation to dominate the IF world with poetry. Me too!

Picasso had it right: good artists borrow, great artists steal.



Thanks Amanda. There was a reason Plato wanted to kick all the poets out of the Republic. We are a disruptive influence!