Introducing Ourselves

I don’t speak Inform 7. I program in ADRIFT. Could you rephrase that in terms of “must/must not”-conditions? In a dropdown-menu so I can understand… :upside_down_face:


Oooo! I wanna play!

Include "Parser";
Include "VerbLib";

[ QueryTopic;
  switch (scope_stage) {
      1: rfalse;
      2: ScopeWithin(global_questions); rtrue;
      3: "You discern that you won't learn much asking about that.";
Object global_questions;
Object -> t_elf "elf"
		name 'elf';

Object room "A Funny Thing Happening" with description " a way, in a forum." has light;

Object Bob "Bob" room
	name 'bob',
	Life [ w cw flag;
      switch (second) {
        t_elf: AwkwardSilenceSub();
        default:  "Hmmm?";
has animate proper;

[ Initialise; location = room;];

Include "Grammar";
Extend 'ask' replace
  * creature 'about' scope=QueryTopic -> Ask;

Verb 'silence'
    * -> AwkwardSilence;
[ AwkwardSilenceSub;

Ok, I understand enough of this to find it very funny.

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Hi, my name is Caleb, and my Daddy (I’m 10 years old) and I made an account for me after I finished making my first text based game yesterday.


Very nice. If you would like, post your game so we can play it.

Welcome to Interactive Fiction!


Hi Caleb, I’ve heard about your game and I’m looking forward to playing it!


Very nice. If you would like, post your game so we can play it. Welcome to Interactive Fiction!

If anyone wants to play my game, I will be entering it in for Parsercomp.

Hi Caleb, I’ve heard about your game and I’m looking forward to playing it!

The game I’m making is called “Loud House ‘Game on’” and is about searching the Loud House as Lincoln (the main character) and looking for money to buy a video game.


Hi people! I’m Lara, I wrote my BA thesis about certain twine games, but finally Jon Ingold’s Make it good inspired me to start writing my first IF game.

It’s an explorative murder mystery in space focused on the narrative–kind of generic tbh, just to learn inform7 for now. Of course it’s gotten out of hand already, maybe I can find some answers in the community :slight_smile: anyway, happy to meet you!


Welcome. I’m looking forward to your work.


This sentence might work even better with a drumroll before “…in spaaacccee!..” Anyway, I’m hooked already.




The name’s Joseph, but I’d rather display the name of a great king from ancient history, which is a very great passion of mine. I’m from France, and first of all I apologize for an approximative use of English. Please do not be offended, because I have no wish to offend anyone.

I’ve discovered CYOA with JH Brennans’s Sagas of the Demonspawn almost as soon as it was translated in French. Over the next few years I read many books, mostly Lone Wolf Series.

Few weeks ago I’ve discovered Twine, and since I’m trying to use this wonderful tool, and I’ve chosen Sugarcube language.
Right now I’m trying to write two stories, one follows an adolescent coming of age in XVIIth century, the other is more light hearted: it’s a space opera one.


Welcome Great King! How are your Hittites? Not too tired from conquering Allepo, I hope.

(See? You already made me learn just by having a funny name. Thanks.)


I’m glad I inspired someone to learn something today!


Hi all!
I’ve been posting for a while and receiving tons of help from you already, but I hadn’t noticed this thread.
Better late than never (or so they say).
I’m using Inform7. I’m finishing my second IF in collaboration with a friend. We might enter it in the ParserComp. It can be described as a text and sound exploration of a remote fjord in Norway.
My first IF is a couple of years old now. I’ve learnt so much making this second one that I feel the first one needs to be completely remade, and that is why I’m not sharing it now. (I might do that in the near future). It was, or will be, a fictional exploration based in my memories of my grandparents’ house.

I’m very thankful to all for the help received, and hope to be helpful at some point too.


Hello! I’m a trans (she/her), 22 year old game dev working on a multitude of games that straddle the line between IF and RPG. (If there is even a line).
Currently struggling with content creation- I’ve made a couple small personal IF engines, but I have trouble populating them with enough story to make them full games.
Programming comes easy to me, game mastering as well, but I don’t have the stamina to write as much as I need, which is why I’m coming to this forum for help.


Uh-oh… hide,quickly… i think you’ve awakened them…

Oh, and welcome to intfiction!

darn…i should have whispered that…keep your head down, they’re right above us…


It isn’t at all uncommon for IF to include roleplaying and statistics that are upgraded similar to a genre RPG. I think the main difference is in an RPG the player is usually quite hands-on with allocating XP and choosing stats and weapons to upgrade, whereas in IF the stats often are adjusted by inference based on narrative actions taken by the player, and in some cases the numbers and math may be behind the scenes and not displayed. That’s not a hard and fast rule as CoG’s Choicescript is designed with a visible stat and relationship page.


Hello I m new here




Hello all, I’ve been playing interactive fiction on and off for the past decade or so.

Like a lot of people here I think I am posting under a pseudonym. “Parjeter” is garbled French for “throwaway.”

I first found out about IF when I played Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy after the BBC redesigned it as a quasi-graphical adventure for their website. That was sometime in the 2000s. Now Flash is dead and the GUI game is gone…

I never really dug deep into the IF catalogue, but I’ve played several of the more well-known games, and between 2010 and 2015 I played a handful of comp games each year. I have fond memories of Counterfeit Monkey, Taco Fiction, Anchorhead, Shade, Photopia, Brain Guzzlers from Beyond!, and Lost Pig.

Most recently I played Babel because it has been on my to-do list.

I’ve never been very active in the community.

Even though I mostly play parser IF, I write only in Twine. I made two games in 2016 (Dr. Sourpuss for Spring Thing, and Vlad the Impala for Ectocomp) but disappeared for no real reason.

I am working on a Twine game for IF Comp this year; I’m seeking testers throughout July and I can provide (a little) compensation if that encourages anyone to participate.