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and yes, I do remember your son’s game. Excellent parody indeed for a stupid game, but I don’t think most realized it, most probably thinking how stupid and crude old text games were, when in fact the stupid single action mechanics were just like in the original game. Most people p probably didn’t pause to reflect upon that, but kudos to him Anyway


Hi everyone!

I’m from Brazil and have just registered here. It was a long and epic quest to do so, since my IP was flagged and blocked for some unknown reason and it took me several days, with the help of one the admins (and the others who helped her!) to be able to create my account.

But here I am now.
I have always been a gamer and loved underground or older games. Not because I’m a hipster (far from it), but because of their depth and uniqueness. I’m an avid player or Dwarf Fortress and some roguelikes like Crawl, Brogue, CataclysmDDA and UnrealWorld, but also love IF. I must admit I have played few IF games so far, though I had played some when I was a teenager, but now I intend to go through some of the classics like the Zork trilogy and a lot of the new stuff too, of course (open to suggestions).

I have a major writing project which I think will take decades, in Esperanto, which I intend to apply into IF and maybe also making a game mixing IF and Roguelike elements (which, since I’m still to learn proper programming - probably python - I’ll need some help with in the future).
I’ll be posting some though I have about IF in Esperanto and why I recommend the idea to all writers, even native English speakers, in the “Ideal Language for Playing Interactive Fiction” thread, if any of you would be interested.

Kind regards to all and look forward to our interactions!


Hi SirNigel, welcome aboard! (And yay Dwarf Fortress! And roguelikes!)

I’ve never learned Esperanto myself - I’m mostly familiar with it as “the non-English language all over Red Dwarf” - but I’ll be interested to hear what you have to say on the subject.


The late SF author Harry Harrison also uses it extensively in eg. his Stainless Steel Rat series.

Hi, Nigel! Are you the fellow from the Facebook group?


Hello :slight_smile:

I’m a hobbyist game maker and have recently gotten back into TADS, something I hadn’t touched since the early 2000s. I normally make graphical games but I try to be varied.

I’ve made an entry into the ParserComp and figured I’d stop lurking and join properly!

(Marshal Tenner Winter) #606

Welcome! :sunglasses:

(Matt_W) #607

Hello all,

I played a few Scott Adams games (on our TI-99/4A) back in the early 80’s and the Zork trilogy a few years later on a C-64. I haven’t really touched parser games since. I’m a regular reader of Rock, Paper, Shotgun and every year I see the IFComp results and say to myself, “I really need to check some of that out.” In this year’s RPS contributor roundup, Konstantinos Dimopoulos gave a shout-out to Hadean Lands, which prompted me to check it out, buy it, and subsequently lose several days to it. At the same time, I’ve been playing (and loving) Sunless Sea, and Emily Short’s involvement in that game made me seek out her blog, to which I’ve also lost several hours. So now I’m sucked back in; I’ve been sampling here and there to get a feel for what’s going on in IF. And I’m not sure why I waited so long.

NB: I picked my user name before noticing that there were already users named “matt w” and “TheOtherMattW”. I suppose I’ll just be the other other one:)


Welcome! We’re always happy to have new people here. (Though you, matt w, and TheOtherMattW may have to engage in an epic arena duel at some point.)

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We’ll just all pretend to be Matt Wigdahl again.

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We’ll just call you Mattie.


Hello, I’m Ramshackle, but you may call me Jimmy. I like parser IF and am willing to share some love for the genre.

Best regards.


Hi! I’m MechaTofuPirate. I like IF of course and I’m currently writing my own choice-based engine as an excuse to learn mobile programming.


Hi everyone! I’m Katie, and super duper new to interactive fiction. I basically just like writing things and thought this sounded cool.


Hi, Jimmy, Pirate and Katie. Welcome!

(“Jimmie, Pirate and Katie” sounds like lead characters in a children’s TV show.)


As long as there are musical numbers, I’d be down with that. :slight_smile:


I am Wes Lesley of Wes Lesley Plays!

I’m pretty new to IF since like a week and a half ago and I found the app Text Fiction on the Google Play Store and I found some cool stuff like the Cheese Shop and Interstate Zero and it rekindled my wish to make video games.

And all thanks to being so sick I wasn’t allowed to leave the bed so I just started playing games on my android tablet and it started going crazy with visual games so I just searched the store until I found this by accident and it’s f—ing super!


Welcome aboard, Wes!


aboard? you mean this is a ship? o_o … so that pirate earlier… is a real pirate? o.o

equips a cutlass


I’m Sam Henderson, Philadelphia playwright. I’m a member of the Foundry, a lab for emerging Philly playwrights, and a first year member of InterAct Theatre’s Core Writer’s Program. I’m a member of Actor’s Equity and may join IATSE Local 8 this year. I am a middle aged gamer who hasn’t had a console in 10 years. I play nothing but DF and Nethack, but became aware of the IF renaissance that this forum represents about five years ago. I’m currently working on a live interactive fiction performance for the 2015 FringeArts festival and posting my progress over in the Design forum, as well as painfully learning to program in Inform.


Hey I’m Ryan Porter. I was reminded that IF was a thing not that long ago. Its a format that I really like working in, so I’m currently working on a couple games (It was originally one but I started a smaller project to get used to coding in inform7). I like a lot of ASCII roguelikes (but usually i just play Cataclysm:DDA or stone soup) and just got back into IF again (played through Hunger Daemon and checked out alethicorp a bit).
I’m working on learning inform7 and coding through a game right now. Having a real good time. :slight_smile: