Introducing Ourselves

(Pete Hanama) #581

Hi, I’m new here…my nickname on- and offline is Pete, so call me that, please. People assume it’s male, but it’s short for Petra. I’m actually a 33 year old woman. I have never been part of or followed any sort of “IF community” so I don’t really know any of the websites or influential people.


I’m still somewhat new to IF. I first learned of it via OneWetSneaker. I downloaded Varicella, Photopia, I0 etc and rather liked them. After entering gymnasium there’s been a long stretch of not playing, but now my interest has re-awoken. I might be slightly younger than the average IF fan…19?

Outside IF, my main interests are queer theory, experialism, and political science.

I live in Oslo, but I’m not Norwegian.


I’m Kawa, 31 years old, from the Netherlands. I like old games (also games that merely look convincingly old) and as such rather inevitably found the Zork trilogy and its ilk, which plays very nice with my interest in virtual machines. I’m a self-confessed but incorrigible perv – everything I make tends to reflect that to some degree, for lack of other output channels so to speak. I’ll try not to bring it up. I recently made a TTF version of the font from the Infocom terp in MCGA mode and jumped the gun submitting it to the archive. The font, in a fit of hypocrisy, has nothing pervy about it unless there’s something funny about the name “Flathead” that I missed. I prefer Inform over the alternatives and am waiting with bated breath for an updated Flexible Windows extension, but no rush.


My name is Jay Nabonne, and I’ve been perusing these forums for a little while now. I’ve done some writing, and I’ve done some programming (well, a lot of programming - my first computer was an Apple II+), and I’ve very intrigued by being able to combine the two. I’ve taken a couple of stabs at Inform, but my first and current tool is Quest (you can find me hanging out on the Quest forums as well), pushing it to limits it probably wasn’t meant for. I am currently working on a “short IF story” which has missed at least one IFComp so far. I’ve made progress, gotten stuck, given up, gone back to it, made progress, gotten stuck, not given up, and feel like it’s approaching something, though not for this year’s IFComp. It might also be crap, but I’l be glad to get something done.

The “IF piece on the horizon” is probably something where I’ll have to port my response engine to Javascript for performance reasons. That’s been started…

Probably TMI, but that’s my IF state. I’ve been enjoying reading all the invaluable info in these forums. Perhaps I can contribute at some point myself.


Welcome, guys, glad to have you!

The ones you listed here are all games by Adam Cadre and are all wonderful games. with your interest in political science, I am guessing that you really liked Varicella if you managed to stick with it and explore the intricacies of it.

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful things about the IF community is the exploration of queer theory and political machinations in immersive worlds. There’s a tag on IFDB that’s all games with queer elements. (Although I admit freely to having no idea what experialism is, and a Google search got me nowhere.)

I am glad to see you over here as well! Welcome!


Second that, good to see you here Jay.


It’s been about 5 years since I played in the IF community - I think the last competition I participated in was either 2009 or 2010. Back then, my username was Addreamy, although I was very quiet and I am almost certain that nobody will remember me. Now, I have chosen a username that more accurately (if obscurely) represents me, and I hope to be more active in the IF world once again. I look forward to judging the new competition and participating in the Award ceremony!


Hi. My name is Rupert. I am doing some research into copyright and copyleft. This looks like an interesting site!


I’m Niklas, I have played IF on and off for quite a while. I have recently begun dabbling in writing some too, mostly by failing to finish a game for Shufflecomp. Right now I’m pondering making a game about the final days of a hair metal band during the grunge apocalypse.


Failing to finish a game for ShuffleComp puts you in some excellent company. (Also, it’s your damn fault that I have Ladytron earwormed.)


Oooh, I’d play that!!! I’d play it as soon as it came out! I’d beta-test it! Do it pleeaase :smiley:


I take that as a vote in favor. :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Varun from Mumbai, India. I’m a novelist and I’ve been playing IF for about five years now. (The Frotz app changed my life). During that time, I tried to bring people into the IF world, but most of them ended up despising me.
I must have more than sixty games on the app, and a dozen more on the computer, along with having played a lot of the Infocom classics. I decided to finally interact with like-minded people and maybe even the amazing authors who wrote those games.
So, hello everybody!


I am Alessandro Zucca and I am a medicine student with the hobby of writing.
Since I discovered this IF world a few years ago, I abandoned every other form of videogames :laughing: .
That’s it!
I’m writing my own adventure in inform 7, and after a lots of study I finally decide to join this community. :smiley:


Hi and welcome, Varun and Alessandro! It’s good to see new people from different parts of the world.

(Inconstant Reader) #596

Hi! My name is Janice. I’m an old-school IF gamer, starting with the PDP Zork when I went to MIT in the early 1980s. Later that decade I was a beta-tester for Infocom. After the company’s death I pretty much thought what we then called “text adventures” were dead. Over the past few years I’ve been catching up on the IF renaissance. Most recently, I lost all of last week to Hadean Lands — which is what led me here.

Although in a past part of my life I programmed in FORTRAN, I don’t think of myself as a programmer and have never tried to write a game (though I’m a writer/editor IRL). I did manage to raise my kids right, though. My elder son, who is now iOS tech lead at Yelp, wrote a brief game as a hack a few years ago called “Champion of Guitars” — an Infocom-style parody of “Guitar Hero” — which caused a brief flurry of interest on the Internet and in fact helped him get his current job (it currently has a 1-star rating on the IFDB, which is terribly unfair, but I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to post a review). He also messaged me last week to ask if I’d heard of HL and then pointed me at this forum.

Sorry, that’s probably more than you want to know. This forum is such a relief from all the mishegas going on in gaming right now! I look forward to wasting a lot of time here.


Welcome Janice! No worries about the data dump; it was interesting, and having beta-tested for Infocom makes you at least a minor celebrity around here. :wink: We look forward to you wasting a lot of time here too.

(Andrew Plotkin) #598

I’m always happy to hear that. :slight_smile: Hi.

(Mark H.) #599

Greetings and Salutations guys and gals! This is not so much an introduction as a re-introduction. I first joined this forum about 4 years ago, but have only made 4 posts total, all of them way back then. Rather than re-type it all, I’m just going to post my original introduction at that time. I am looking to get back into IF, and will be hanging around here. I’ll try to contribute more this time. :slight_smile:

(Inconstant Reader) #600

Hi, Mark! It’s great to see someone here who’s (nearly) as old as I am. I was going to go over to the IFDB and find a copy of Berrost’s Challenge, but I see by your other post that you’re planning on revising it, so I should probably wait on that. I’m new around here myself (my intro post is about 3 up from yours), but FWIW, welcome back.