Introducing club wooby

I am pleased to announce the launch of club wooby, a vanity “loyalty program” incentivizing players of my games to send me transcripts that I can send to my dad. Plus there are missions: Did you find the thirteenth cupcake in “Dial C for Cupcakes”? Did you manage a 100% art destruction rate in “A Rope of Chalk”? Well, now you can get points for doing that. But the points are called “buttons.”

The buttons you earn in club wooby can be spent on various rewards, including a printable board game called “The Island of Doctor Wooby: The Game.”

Let me know if you have any questions.


I have so many questions that I don’t know where to start…

(looks fun though!)


Q: Is club wooby an ongoing project?

Q: How many games has your dad vicariously enjoyed via club wooby?

Q: Do I get buttons for bumping this thread and bringing it to people’s attention a year after its original post?


Thank you for your interest in club wooby.

club wooby is still active, insofar as everyone is able and welcome to participate in club wooby activities to whatever degree they find enjoyable. It it not an “ongoing project” in terms of my updating it, though.

The single big-ticket, one-of-a-kind reward, the Bumbadiptadon doll, was recently claimed, and the selection of rewards now seems very slim and uninspiring. This is disappointing to me, because I created club wooby partly out of a belief that I could offer better rewards than My Nintendo does. But My Nintendo has resources I don’t have!

I would welcome any suggestions for new rewards. I have been itching to do crafty stuff recently. I could make a limited series of… hmm.

It looks like my dad has vicariously enjoyed only seven games via club wooby. I guess that’s about a quarter of the catalog of games I deemed club wooby-transcript-appropriate. Which is not so bad.

Yes, you get 25 club wooby buttons for bumping this thread. Please keep in mind that this mission may be completed only once, and you will have to let someone else claim the 25-button reward next year.


How about 10 buttons get you one hour of playtesting of a button-owner’s WIP game by famed author Ryan Veeder?