IntroComp Voting Extended Through Sept 5

Hello, slackers. I mean, nice people. Yes, yes: Hello, nice people!!

While it has been a great year in terms of number of authors for IntroComp, we unfortunately didn’t get as many votes and as much feedback as I’d like to see. So I’m extending the deadline through Sept 5.

Please (please?) (please!) play as many of the games as you can and vote in this competition.

Do it for the authors? Won’t someone please think of the authors?


  • Jacqueline

Oh no – I wrote some things for all the ones I played, and apparently that took long enough for my auth credentials to expire, because “save votes” took me back to the login page (and logging in took me back to a blank voting page). Is there any way of checking whether my votes went through?

I’ve played most of the games and written short reviews of some of them, but I’m not able to post them yet, or discuss the games or vote as I’m an author.

Thanks for the mulligan! I was slacking on playing these games by fixing my own, and I’m glad to see this. Everyone else, I encourage you to take a look, too.

Oh, good. I ran into some work that I’d known about but failed to plan for because I’m disorganized, and I thought I’d missed it. I want to review, as these are impressive, thought provoking IFs. At least, I can submit scores now.

Jacqueline doesn’t check this forum too often, so I’ll respond on her behalf:

If it takes you back to a blank voting page, it probably didn’t go through: success generally just refreshes the page. If your votes went through, they’ll appear again when you re-open the form.

If you can’t get through the system at all, you can always email Jacq your votes and comments.

Ah okay. I’ll just kick myself a little at composing my replies in the window instead of in an external editor as I normally do.