IntroComp 2024

Looks like the website updated recently! The Introcomp is ongoing once again!!

IntroComp is an annual competition where participants develop excerpts of interactive fiction, gain feedback from audience reactions, and (hopefully!) use this feedback to release a fantastic final product.



My apologies if this isn’t the place to ask, but what do most people do with their Introcomp entries after completion?

As far as I know, the only place one could put it would be the Spring Thing, as IntroComp entries are automatically disqualified from IFcomp, and you can’t put it up on any commercial platform (itch is one place I can think of, but I generally do not like it as it is flooded with a ton of half-complete stuff). I won’t be able to put it on Hosted Games under the current rules.

I have toyed with the idea of participating several times, but I’m just thinking of what the end-goal looks like, cash prizes aside.

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We entered Loose Ends in Spring Thing to get a bunch more eyes on it. For Scroll Thief, I just released it into the wild without a competition, since I was working on it right up until the deadline.


I also entered a completed version of my IntroComp game - Napier’s Cache - in Spring Thing. I was happy with that option.


So… is there a submission form? There doesn’t seem to be a link to register anywhere on the page…

Last year, it was all done via email. Which was a bit weird.

Hey there, former IntroComp entrant (and long-time organizer) here. There’s something to be said with just entering and figuring out the rest later. It’s so useful to get that early feedback. I haven’t (yet**!) finished my 2002 entry (I have continued to work on it, though ClubFloyd, IntroComp, and now IFComp organizing have taken most of my IF-bandwidth), but without entering IntroComp, I wouldn’t have later made a couple of games I’m pretty proud of.

There’s also something to be said for releasing things outside of a competition. (Blasphemy, I know!) But it’s true. It’s totally a thing.

** I made that age-old mistake of my first interactive fiction release being the thing that was very important to me. Never do that, kids. You’re better off making a game set in your apartment for your first game. Save the Really Important Thing for later, after you’ve got more experience. Will I even release Waterhouse? Maybe. Will this post age badly? Maybe.

(And PS - I realize this isn’t your first game, Vance.)


Yeah, it all seems to be email at this point, and I haven’t gotten any response to the messages saying Loose Ends was finished, so I’m guessing the email won’t be checked for a while longer.

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Not my style… but you do you. :innocent:

Either way, I have taken one of my games out of closed-beta testing (probably a bad idea), so it’s no longer eligible for competitions here. Another’s probably going on IFcomp, so that works for me.