IntroComp 2023 Halfway Point

Just curious since it’s been about 6-7 months since IntroComp ended. Is anyone still working on their games? Any significant progress? Maybe some of us lost motivation (no shame if so, that was me for a good while)?

On my end: Prioritized other comps and jams before I decided to hunker down and commit.

I started fleshing out the concept of Luna Gardens and am currently in the research portion. Part of it’s because I’m procrastinating but also because I’m genuinely stuck on how to figure out the verbs (there wouldn’t happen to be a resource on this part of the IF authoring process, is there?)


Elisabeth and I are hard at work on Loose Ends, drawing out big flowcharts of dependencies! I think once we’ve ironed out the exact prerequisites for some of these scenes it’s all going to fall into place.


Thanks for updating! Excited to see how Loose Ends ends up, despite not knowing Vampire: The Masquerade it was interesting to explore the world.