IntroComp 2021?

Just wondering if there was going to be an IntroComp 2021 (the year of dumpster fires).

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It looks like intents to enter weren’t accepted until June last year, so it may be a few weeks before we get a definitive answer.

I have been unable to load the IntroComp website for a few days. Is it just me or are others having the same trouble? ? I cannot reach it.

whois shows is clientRenewProhibited and expires in about 2 weeks. Maybe the site is in the process of moving elsewhere.

The site should be - don’t know if you typo’d it just here. I did DM the organizer on Twitter - he’s actually in the middle of a commercial game release currently so this may be low on the attention scale for him personally. I will update if I get any new information.

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Yeah, that was a typo. I didn’t even notice I did it here. I Just thought I would mention the whois entry. Hopefully, everything will be okay.

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Good news. The website is loading again.


The website is back up after an issue fix! No 2021 info up yet, but keep an eye on the site.

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