Introcomp 2020 Results

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"Without further ado, here are the results of this year’s competition:

1st Place (tied) Guilt Free , by Erica
1st Place (tied) Tonciven , by Donald Conrad and Peter M.J. Gross
3rd Place Navigatio , by P. James Garrett

Honorable Mentions in random order:*
CINDE-12 by Kenny Alami and Arthur Protasio
Deborah Miller, Vampire Slayer by M. Nite Chamberlain
Scoop by Thomas Martin
Kink Queens of Venus by Christopher Brent
Juror Number 12 by Andrew McKissock
Foreign Soil by Olaf Nowacki
A Tango Story by Dexter Lohnes
Pre-Marie by Dee Cooke
Out of Phase Synchronicity by Pedro Giglio
The Ten Million Invocations of Esnesnon by Damon L. Wakes
Intro to A Fool’s Rescue by Ralfe Rich
The Interview by Mark"

Good work all entrants. I hope you got enough feedback. I’m sorry I couldn’t review more stuff, but at least I played more than I reviewed.



While bumping old topics is usually not done, I wanted to do so, in order to note (AFAIK) that three of these IntroComp entries actually became full projects! I remember in earlier years, getting one done was pretty awesome. Maybe there are others I wasn’t aware of.

Pre-Marie became (or inspired) Marie Waits, a 2023 Spring Thing entry.
Foreign Soil became a ParserComp 2021 entry.
The Ten Million Invocations of Esnesnon was (re)published 2/22/2022, sort of: The Ten Million Invocations of Esnesnon 22/02/2022 by Damon L. Wakes