IntroComp 2019 is HERE!

Hello everyone!

I’m Xalavier Nelson Jr. - now the two-time head of IntroComp - and I’m excited to say that the website is up for this year’s competition! The field was stellar last year and folks apparently learned a lot, so I can’t wait to see what comes this time around. :slight_smile:

You can submit your intent to enter starting June 1st, on the traditional site, right here:

For those unfamiliar with what IntroComp is: IntroComp is an annual competition where authors can submit portions of their in-development interactive fiction for feedback and profit. With all of the neat twists people are putting on interactive fiction these days, I can’t wait to see what your submissions will look like.

There are still cash prizes (of which Felicity Drake claimed the first with The Missing Ring!), and the updated rules can be found on the website above. Take a look now in preparation for June 1st, or get ready to play the games and vote this August!

Happy IntroComping!


Very exciting! Good luck to everyone entering this year!

Best of luck to all the entrants! I’m currently finishing my IntroComp 2018 game (so nearly there now!) and found taking part in the competition last year very rewarding.


IntroComp 2018 was a great experience: beginner-friendly, educational, and fun! Best of luck to everyone entering IntroComp 2019. I can’t wait to see this year’s games!


Might give it a try this year. I’m looking to test an idea I have.


I have something that’s perfect for this. Unfortunately, I’m currently unable to log in using my IFComp details, so can’t register.

Has anyone else had this?

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The IntroComp logins have been synchronized with the IFComp login accounts in the past, but I don’t know if it maintains that if you’ve changed one or the other. If you had to update your password for IFComp, you might wish to try the old one, or make sure your browser isn’t auto-filling an old email/password in the IntroComp login fields.

Oh dear. My IFComp account has had a number of changes, and I don’t have records for all of them. I’ve already tried a few old UN/PW combinations to no avail.

Is the appropriate workaround to create a new IFComp account? And if so, will it still be possible to list all my IFDB entries under the same name, do you know?

I would first try logging into the IFComp site and changing your password there if it doesn’t work, then if you can get into the IFComp site, I would assume the IntroComp site will work as well, although I’m not sure if it synchronizes instantly or not.

If you still have trouble, I’d contact the IFComp organizers and see if they can help with your login/account issue.

Your login for IFDB is a separate thing, and that site has a numeric author code that associates all your games together. Any IFDB entries should still associate with your name using that code and should still be in competition groups no matter what your IFComp account does.

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Thanks, I’ll get in touch with them.
IFComp login definitely works, so I’d assume it’s a syncing issue of some kind.

Hurrah! It is now working.

For the reference of anyone who experiences similar issues, there are two possible explanations as to what fixed it:

It seems most likely that IFComp account email address changes may just take a couple of days to propagate to IntroComp - perhaps syncing is weekly or somesuch?

The other thing I did was put the login details into my password manager (by cloning my IFComp entry and giving it a new name and URL), to avoid whitespace/hidden character pasting issues.