IntroComp 2018!

Hello everyone!

I’m Xalavier Nelson Jr. - the new head of IntroComp - and I’m excited to say that the website is up for this year’s competition!

You can submit your intent to enter starting June 1st, on this site right here:

For those unfamiliar with what IntroComp is: IntroComp is an annual competition where authors can submit portions of their in-development interactive fiction for feedback and profit. With all of the neat twists people are putting on interactive fiction these days, I can’t wait to see what your submissions will look like.

There are still cash prizes, and the updated rules can be found on the website above. Take a look now in preparation for June 1st, or get ready to play the games and vote this August!

Happy IntroComping!

Hello, everyone! The judging period for IntroComp is now open.

If you head on over to you can play the 12 awesome excerpts (if I may say so myself) of this year’s competition, and submit your feedback to help the final projects become that much better.

We’re looking forward to having ya - happy IntroComping!

Congratulations to the IntroComp winners!

Getting first place is quite unexpected, I have to admit. Though I wasn’t able to play all of the games, they clearly showed the skill and creativity of the participants.

I’d again like to thank my testers. Without them, IotA would have been a worse game.

Thanks very much for organising the competition. It was great to compete and see all the amazing entries covering such a wide spectrum of styles.

Thanks to everyone who played and gave feedback on my game!

IntroComp was a great experience. I was so impressed by everyone’s games. I’m looking forward to playing the completed versions!

Thanks so much to the organizer and everyone who voted and gave feedback!

How are the 2018 batch getting on finishing their games?

I’m aiming to finish my historical game - Napier’s Cache - not for any prize money, but just to see it done and dusted!

I’ve sketched out the core game, and firing it up in Inform 7 just now was pleased to see that it’s not that far off playtesting.

So I’m confident I can complete it in the 12 month deadline.

Ideally I’d also be entering a new game in IF Comp 2019, but that’s probably more aspirational!

Anyway would be happy to hear how others are getting on. I really enjoyed taking part in IntroComp.

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Excellent question! I’d love to hear updates from everyone too.

I’m planning to finish The Missing Ring in time to submit it to Spring Thing. So hopefully it will be ready for the world soon!

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I must admit that I got a bit sidetracked!

Some of the feedback I got made it clear that I needed to make the game playable on the web. The game is coded in the Godot engine and I had to migrate to the latest version (v3) to get the HTML5 export working. That took a while as v2 to v3 is not fully backwards compatible.

Then I had to do some fiddly work to get the performance of the web version up to the standalone. I completed that also.

So now I just have to do the real work! This is in three main areas:

  1. Completing the story
  2. Improving the user agency during the conversations with Cal
  3. Usability improvements

I’ve made some progress in #1 (which involved researching cave painting and the evolution of language :wink: and done a fair amount of reading on #2.

So overall it is moving along but the detour took the wind out of my sails for a bit!