IntroComp 2017

Hello, all.

This is Jacqueline, your friendly neighborhood IntroComp organizer (at least for one more year). Please help me give a warm round of applause and gratitude to Xalavier Nelson (of Screw You, Bear Dad! fame) who is shadowing this year with the intent to become the lead organizer of the comp come 2018. [emote]:D[/emote]

IntroComp is now accepting Intents to Enter at its NEW WEBSITE:

We’ve also opened up the rules a little bit in an exciting (at least to us!) way this year. From the website…

So yeah, that’s cool. There are still prizes and stuff. Go take a look at the updated rules and submit your intent to enter today! Or be ready to play the entries, vote, and provide feedback in August!


  • Jacqueline and Xalavier

Only four more days until intent deadline!