IntroComp 2016 Results

The IntroComp 2016 results are as follows:

1st Place Spellbound, by Adam Perry
2nd Place Some Exceptions for Reasons Unknown, by Thomas Mack
3rd Place Grubbyville, by Andrew Schultz

Honorable Mentions:
(In random order)

  • Astronomical Territories of the Great British Empire by G_G
  • Deviled Kegs by Moira
  • Narrows by G_G
  • BestieFone by Mark C Marino and Rob Wittig

All feedback that was submitted during voting has been passed on to the respective authors.

Thank you to all those who played, voted, and left feedback!

  • Jacqueline

Congratulations to the winners, and hooray for everyone who submitted games!

Yes, big congrats to the winners. Thanks also to anyone who gave me feedback on my submissions. It was all very constructive/helpful and has given me a lot of useful pointers for developing my IF writing in general. Cheers.