IntroComp 2015 Results

Having heard from a quorum of the authors, I have decided to forego this year’s ceremony and release the results this evening instead.

Here are the results, which are now live at :

2015 IntroComp Winners:
1st Place - Beyond Division, by Joseph Geipel
2nd Place - Walker’s Rift, by Hope Chow
3rd Place - Meld, by David Whyld

Honorable Mentions:
(In random order)

  • Deprivation by Michael Coorlim
  • Voltage Cafe: Writing a dissertation is no dessert by anjchang
  • Lair of the Gorgonanth, Part 1: “Bring Me the Beard of Nimrod Supertramp” by Andrew Watt

Congratulations to all.

Thank so much to all who participated, and see you next year!

  • Jacqueline

Congratulations to the authors! I unfortunately didn’t get to reviews this year but I played a number of the entries and was quite impressed!

Congratulations, all!

Well done, everyone. I didn’t win but I’m more than happy with 3rd place [emote]:)[/emote]

Congratulations! And: back to work, we want finished games! [emote];)[/emote]

Congratulations and hooray!

Does that mean you’ll be finishing it? [emote]:roll:[/emote]

But of course!

Um… As soon as I’ve finished my other IntroComp entries that is…

Seconded. [emote]:P[/emote]

Working on it.

To the person who recommended Aaron Reed’s book: This is helpful.

I will have a postmortem for the Intro to Beyond Division ready soon. Would that be best posted on this thread, or as its own thread in Competitions or Discussion, Hints, or Reviews?

IFComp entrants usually get their own thread. You might also want to duplicate it in any blog you have.

IFcomp entries’ postmortems usually go to competitions, too. But we will just be glad to see it, period.

I try to remember to link postmortems on ifwiki, but I don’t always see them/get a chance, so you could also link across there yourself if you want: … f_Articles

(I don’t know about others, but I find this kind of writing really useful and I’m glad that people are doing more of it these days, so I’d like to make it easier for new authors to find.)

Congratulations everyone [emote]:D[/emote] Now to actually finish the thing (and do a postmortem)…

I was also planning to do a postmortem on my blog.

We should probably have a postmortem party.

That… sounds… Addams-Family-style horrid. I like it.

I’ve done my definitely-not-an-autopsy post-mortem here: … ost-mortem

Here’s my postmortem.

Beyond Division Postmortem Link: … ostmortem/