IntroComp 2014 reviews

Hi, I started a new blog dedicated only to reviews of IF. I’m starting with IntroComp 2014. The link is in my sig.

Feel free to use this thread to post/link any other IntroComp 2014 reviews, I guess. [emote]:P[/emote]

I was about to say “My God, that’s quick” when I saw this thread considering the games have only been out a few hours.

I tested a couple of them. Hence the haste. [emote];)[/emote]

My 2nd review is up. [emote]:o[/emote]

Thanks for the very nice review [emote]:)[/emote]

Next review is up. [emote]:P[/emote]

Another review is up.

As an author I can’t discuss any of the games myself until the comp is over, but has anyone spotted any other reviews floating around the internet? I’ve seen … ction.html

so far, but the reviews haven’t actually appeared yet.

I just put up another one. Again, if anyone has or finds any reviews, feel free to post em in this thread.

Yeah, I’ll be writing reviews as they come. I just wanted to put something there, to motivate myself (and others) to judge.

My new one is up. [emote]:mrgreen:[/emote]

Yes, another one is up. [emote]:lol:[/emote]

guess what???

Ooops!!! I did it again!

I’ll be posting reviews on my blog. One up so far. I am slow.

I’ll try to put up something for each entry. I’ve just posted the first. I don’t know if I’ll finish before the new deadline.

I was deeply impressed with The Terrible Doubt of Appearances (review link). And right now I’m bumming, because I think I’m going to have nearly as much to say about Tales of the Soul Thief and The Cuckold’s Egg. This is the kind of content that I’m excited to find in IF.